Ron Plasencia: 1 Man 1 Camera | About

After over 40 years of serious photo-takin', I've succumbed to the urgings of friends and family to offer up some of my work for sale. Now, this is no simple matter; my photography is designed to please and entertain me. The chances of someone else being similarly stimulated are remote, to say the least.

Nevertheless, here is some stuff I have offered up. Check back often, for as the spirit moves me, even more stuff with be forthcoming.

Thanks for coming by, and please leave a note???


NOTE: I have separate business names for the three categories of photography I enjoy:

PhotoModex: Under this banner, I photograph fashion, glamour, boudoir, and everything else that involves Lovely Ladies. Website:

PhotoArtique: Here is where I position my photography that I classify as fine art photography. Website:

1 Man, 1 Camera: Portraiture, events, consignment, photo-journalism, and weddings are examples of the photography you will find here. Website: